We believe in God's healing through mind, body and spirit. We think of our bodies as a temple and must treat them as such. We take care of ourselves by practicing positive thinking and making healthy choices.
We must be conscious about what we put into and on our bodies.

Our skin is our largest organ and we are dedicated to providing a 100% natural and chemical free soap product. We are passionate about our health and through our own personal health problems, Lupus and Cancer, we decided to cut out as many toxic chemicals entering our bodies as possible. Out of this decision came our cottage business:

Pink Lady Soap Co.

All of our products use a combination of natural and organic ingredients to create the most rich, thick, luxurious lather in each bar. Your skin will never crave commercial soap again.
Take the first step to healing, give yourself the gift of healthy, glowing skin.

Try Pink Lady Soaps and then...
Celebrate Life!

We donate a portion of our proceeds to Lupus and Breast Cancer Research.

As a cancer survivor, I know just how fragile and sensitive our skin becomes, especially during radiation. It was during these days that Julie made a special bar of soap for me that helped heal and hydrate my dry and damaged skin.

May you embrace and celebrate life. Surround yourself with all the comforts you love and take advantage of the healing and nurturing ingredients contained in all of our bars of soap. Your skin will thank you!

On May 19th, 2010 my wonderful friend and business partner crossed the Jordan to be with the Lord.

Sandy was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago. Throughout these years I have watched her persevere through chemo, drugs, operations and so much more. She continued to serve and help others regardless of how she felt. I felt like I should stop to visit Sandy on the morning of the 19th on my way to work. When I arrived her mom was sitting with her lovingly holding her hand. I whispered in her ear “hi soap sister” and she did a little smile. I then said I have a mission for you. When you cross the Jordan will you look for my mom and give her a hug for me? (My mom went to be with the Lord on April 17th.) She gave a little acknowledgement. Sandy passed away peacefully that evening. I feel so blessed that I was able to visit her that morning. God is good all the time!  Pink Lady Soap will continue on in her honor and as Sandy would say “This is the new normal” and I know she would still want all of us to Celebrate life…Julia 

Sandra Jean Zeller August 22, 1960-May 19,2010